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A centralized reservation and information system has been set up.

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From the U. Outside of the San Juan metro area, call Within the San Juan area, call If you are planning on renting, buying or leasing property on the island, Real Estate Agencies offer a variety of services, whether it is a small quiet home or a vacation rental, real estate agents will provide you with the information you need. There is a wide selection of rental properties available in San Juan and throughout the island at beach and resort areas.

The island feels more like Latin America than the United States. Swim wear is fine for the beach and leisure wear for the resorts, but elsewhere a little dressing up is in order. Night time in San Juan is somewhat informal. Light and loose cotton clothing is the best bet year-round for Puerto Rico's warm tropical climate. Pack a sweater for cool season evenings or if you plan to visit the mountain regions. Nudism is illegal in Puerto Rico. Learn about how to apply for a marriage lincense in Puerto Rico. Like all major destinations in the world, Puerto Rico provides comfortable conditions for travelers with disabilities.

But some advance planning will still make it easier for you to get around. All public buildings are wheelchair accessible and have accessible rest rooms.

Most hotels and attractions provide wide doorways, wheelchair ramps and elevators. Bring enough prescription medication for your stay. Unexpected delays and extended stays can upset your medication regimen.

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Similar to the United States, pharmacists cannot distribute prescription medications without authorization from a doctor. No vaccinations are required for visitors to Puerto Rico. However, those arriving from, or transiting through countries where a health epidemic has been formally declared, may need proof of vaccination before they can enter the island. Puerto Rico Department of Health issues certified copies of Puerto Rico birth certificates , death records , marriage licenses , and divorce decrees for events that occurred within Puerto Rico.

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For faster service, visit one of the many offices located throughout the island. Robbery and theft does happen occasionally as any place else, but you need not be concerned. Just don't be too careless. Women can wear as much jewelry as they want anywhere as the locals do with no fear. Always keep a copy of your documents with you. Take precaution and make copies of your important documents. Keep a copy at home. Take a copy with you and leave the originals in a safe place in your hotel room or wherever you are staying. Although Puerto Rico has a high crime rate, the vast majority of crimes are related to drug trafficking, and tourists aren't targeted.

It is a good idea to take out travel insurance covering cancellations, lost or stolen property, injury, and illness. You're likely to have partial or complete coverage. Currency Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US and uses the dollar. The US dollar is often referred to as the "peso. Yes, it's possible. With smart planning and a little bit of research it is possible to travel to Puerto Rico without spending a fortune. Tipping is much the same as in the States.

In hotels, major restaurants and nightclubs services charges are usually included. However, many inexpensive restaurants do not add service charge. Read about other travel tips. Business Hours Most commercial businesses operate from am or 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Government offices are open am to pm.