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8. Teaching with Educational Technology

I made compilation photos with labels for each of my classes and kept them in a binder that I kept with my books. This way, I could call on students directly and learn their names faster. You can also use a camera in the classroom to record lessons that students may have missed. In Thailand, for example, schedules are always changing and there will be times half your class is absent for one reason or another. For example, almost all of the boys in 10th, 11th and 12th grade missed my Wednesday afternoon classes for mandatory military training.

If you record yourself giving the lesson before the students break off to work, you can send the file to the absent students and let them get caught up.

Step out of the Dark Ages and Start Teaching English with Technology

Especially for those teaching in primary school, using dance time as a reward for good behavior is an excellent strategy. My students even used to dance to the intro music of conversational listening activities from the book. I also used speakers for certain learning activities, like listening to chapters of audiobooks or songs that related to whatever we were working on.

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Depending on how your school works, you might be traveling to different classrooms to teach various levels and ages of English. From grading spreadsheets and class pictures to lesson plan notes and slideshows, everything you need to run a successful class should be easily accessible.

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Additionally, having a flash drive handy makes sharing lesson plans and materials with other teachers a breeze. This is entirely based on the technology your school has readily available, but being able to project a computer screen on the board provides a litany of benefits, whether a desktop computer is connected to a projector or you have an HDMI cord to hook up your laptop. You can find out more information about the individual cookies we use and how we use them below:. ELC Level Guide.

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