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After that, click it to open the application. Then, click it to open the app when it appears in the search results.

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Scroll through the list until you locate your desired symbol or letter. Typing out symbols on an Apple computer is much more simple. With Macs, each shortcut incorporates the Option key, which typically sits between the Command and Control buttons. Some combinations also require you to press Shift , which could be a tad tricky. The Shift key is generally located one row above the Option key.

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These days, the functionality has been replaced by the on-screen scroll bar, so the Scroll Lock key is almost never used and most recent applications don't recognize it. Insert - pressing this key switches between two modes when you are typing. In the first mode, what you type appears before the cursor and pushes any text that comes after it to the right. In the second mode, any text that you type successively replaces any text that is to the right of the cursor.

Num Lock - When the Num Lock key is pressed, the numbers on the number pad of the keyboard are activated.

How to change keyboard layout to fix problem of typing special character

When the Num Lock key is not pressed, it's the arrows and special keys on the number pad which are active. The number pad is a block of numbers that looks like an upside down telephone keypad.

☺♥♪ Alt codes list for all keyboard symbols

On desktop computer keyboards it is found on the right hand side of the keyboard. On laptops, the number pad is a special feature that is associated with regular keys on the keyboard. The numbers corresponding to the number pad can usually be seen on the bottom edge of other keys usually ones on the right side of the keyboard. Caps Lock - when you press the Caps Lock key, you activate a feature that lets you type upper case letters continuously without having to press the Shift key at the same time. To go back to typing lower case letters, press the Caps Lock key again.

You should use Caps Lock instead of shift if you want to type more than one or two upper case letters in a row.

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Numbers and special keys are not affected by the Caps Lock key. Print Screen - pressing the Print Screen key captures an image of your entire screen. For more on this feature see the section PrintScreen under Other useful things.. Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys on the keyboard that when pressed down at the same time quickly activate a specific functionality.

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The same functionality can usually also be activated using the mouse by selecting the functionality in a menu, but using the equivalent keyboard shortcut keys is much faster. The most frequently used shortcuts are listed below. Ctrl-Alt-Del - close an application or turn off your computer use the shortcut once to select an application or process you want to end, twice to shut down the computer.

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  • After this, you will want to add the script to your start-up items so that you don't have to launch it manually every time you turn on your computer. This is pretty simple. That's all there it to it. You can now easily add any other keyboard shortcuts to your script as well. For example, to get a bullet using Alt-8 equivalent to Mac Option-8 and a degree symbol using Shift-Alt-8, add the following to your script:. You can also map entire words or phrases to any keystroke combination, and you can also use your script to add macros for launching applications. See AutoHotKey's documentation for more details.

    How To Type Special Keyboard Symbols On Mac

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