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Becky Herrmann — x bherrmann townofchelmsford. Vickie Turcotte — x vturcotte chelmsfordlibrary.

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Vickie reads more non-fiction than fiction, in a variety of subjects including true crime, science, UFOs and the unexplained, crafts and decorating. Leading a book group for the Library has widened her fiction reading, but she prefers books with a happy ending, and she particularly likes a good regency romance. Jessica FitzHanso — x jfitzhanso chelmsfordlibrary. She reads for the immersive quality of the writing and storytelling and the potential not only for escape, but also for a reevaluation of reality. These qualities follow through in her taste in film, which includes science fiction, foreign films, classic and contemporary noir, westerns, and emerging styles.

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Her music tastes run the gamut from blues to jazz to contemporary indie and experimental artists. Lisa Francine lfrancine chelmsfordlibrary.

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Lisa comes from a multi-generational family of readers. Some of her favorite memories, as a child, include: weekly excursions to her home town library; sharing and discussing favorite books with whomever would listen; and taking on any odd jobs around the house to supplement her allowance so that she could purchase new and used books for her personal library!

In the adult realms of reading she enjoys mysteries, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, narrative nonfiction, and graphic novels. When not reading in print, ebooks, and audiobooks Lisa enjoys gardening, standup paddleboarding, biking, and walking her dogs.

Amy Reimann — x areimann chelmsfordlibrary. She has a passion for middle-grade realistic fiction and fantasy, with a special love for the Harry Potter series and the works of Elizabeth Enright.

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